Saturday, January 12, 2008

On top of a mountain...

...there is 4 meters of snow.  At least that is what Grouse has received since December.  Crazy.  This is a major reason that the snowshoe park was closed today - avalanche warning in full effect.  This is a major reason I cursed Eric under my breath.  As a result of the 4 meters of snow and subsequent avalanche warning, Eric had me, him, and Simon Driver run up the ski hills.  Our snowshoe workout became an exercise in running up ski hills, with Simon and Eric being the teachers, and me being the cursing student at the back of the class.  I watched those two float away from me as we entered the 8th minute of running in snowshoes up a ski hill in whipping, bitter wind, with wet snow hitting sideways.

The rest of the workout was better than that first climb as we did some 30s hill sprints and then did some fartlek in the one snowshoe area that was, Blue Grouse Snowshoe Loop.  It was fun, although the conditions were far from good, and I am looking forward to our next workout together.  Today also provided a glimpse of what I should expect in snowshoe races, and it is going to be very very interesting to see how the tactics of snowshoe racing play out.

Duration  - 50 minutes with long hill climbing, hill intervals, fartlek.
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